Multicultural Worship

Channing and Emerson would preach for hours. Their sermons were the center of services.   This model is a perpetuation of white supremacy culture.

For me, a homily is an important piece of the service, but not meant to be the whole service.  The homily should work with all of the other elements in concert.  Homilies should be inspirational, thought-provoking, and accessible.  You will notice that I don’t provide scripts for my sermons. This is because I often preach from notes or extemporaneously.

Services on Life, Love and Embracing Whole-Heartedness:

All I Know So Far”  centers health, climate change and a theology of Beloved Community. This sermon was streamed live to the “Potomac Partnership” large congregations:  All Souls DC, River Road, Arlington, Fairfax and Cedar Lane.

Growing Love” Where is the love? Every other news story relates to the eco-apocalypse, another war, a bigger wall… How can we create more love within our lives, our congregation and the world if we don’t always feel love or hope? Together we will explore cultivating a culture of love and hope.

The Book of Awesome” Life, especially around the holidays can be hard. Journey with Rev. Katie in embracing the beauty in strife and the every day awesome with this special service centering the works of Neil Pasricha.

Services on Justice:

Labor, Liberation, and Leading Change” The United States was founded on practices that abuse the labor of others. Forced labor, enslavement, commodification of people, puritanical notions of working for God’s Grace, are just a few examples of the toxicity endemic in our system. As we smash these systems at their fractal fringes, what patterns of liberation can we recreate as we lead change? Let us tackle these questions together as we sing for justice with the DC Labor Chorus and the Revs. Abhi Janamanchi, Katie Romano Griffin, and Worship Associate Jared Wilson.

#Metoo” #MeToo is a movement that calls for women who are ready to break the silence around sexual harassment, assault and intimidation to speak up. The movement is also a call to allies to become upstanders and reverse the culture that perpetuates sexual violence. Cedar Lane #MeToo survivors will share their stories and together we will join in a ritual for everyone who has experienced a #MeToo moment to retrieve the pieces of themselves that may have been lost to sexual violence.

Life on Earth” The pandemic has changed our relationship to society and for many, it has changed our relationship to the Earth. So what is Life on Earth today? And what will tomorrow bring? Cedar Lane environmental activists of all ages will join Rev. Katie in leading this Sunday’s service and exploration of Life on Earth.

Multigenerational Services:

Christmas Eve – This service is designed for families, including families with older children and youth. The Cedar Lane Youth Choir and pianist Susan Easterly will offer Michael Bomier’s Name That Child and the popular song Put A Little Love In Your Heart.

Easter – Our journey toward wholeness is an ever-evolving dance of life, death, and rebirth of ourselves. As we honor the life and loss of the beloved Rabbi Jesus, let us reflect together on our own process of life, death, and rebirth

Summer Worship (co-led with the Rev. Lyn Cox) – From the foundational beginnings of Unitarian Universalism, congregations have been “taking thoughts for each other’s welfare” and practicing “mutual aid.” In this special two-congregation collaborative service, we will explore generosity and gratitude as practices of not only friendship but also congregational polity. Rev. Lyn Cox from Silver Spring and Rev. Katie Romano Griffin from Cedar Lane will co-lead this multi-generational worship experience. 


Guilt, Shame and Giving Generously” Giving is an important aspect of congregational life. Cultivating generosity is a crucial spiritual practice.  This service draws on my formational work with the Rev. Mary Morrissey on generosity and blocks to giving

Bilingual Services/Servicios Bilingües:

Feliz Navidad” Journey throughout the Americas in this Latinx Spirit Experinece that will lift up the diversity and richness of the celebrations in Latinx communities at Christmas time. With the Rev. Jorge Espinel, UU Chaplain in Cali, Colombia; Julica Hermann de la Fuente, Director of LIberation and Transformational Minsitries in Minneapolis, MN; Francisco Ruiz, Music Director UU Church of Long Beach, CA. From Cedar Lane: Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, Iris DeLaPaz, Rev. Abhi Janmanchi,  Rev. Dayna Edwards and Dr. Eduardo Hernandez. 

La Dulce Vida (The Sweet Life)” Service begins at 4 min, 20 seconds. La Dulce Vida, it is a bilingual Spanish/English celebration and exploration of Unitarian Universalism in North and South America. The Rev. Jorge Espinel of Cali, Colombia will be offering the sermon and we will hear reflections from Dr. Magda A. De La Paz Cabrero and Dr. Eduardo Hernandez. Special guest musician Francisco Ruiz, Music Director of the UU Long Beach Congregation. With the Rev. Katie Romano Griffin, the Rev. Abhi Janamanchi and Dayna Edwards.

La Red” meaning, “The Network,” this Spirit Experience aims to speak to the incredible diversity and resilient spirit evident in the Latino/a/x community. Prayer will be offered by our sanctuary guest, Sra. Rosa Gutierrez Lopez and passionate poetry and spiritual reflections will be offered in Spanish and English by Cedar Lane’s ministers and members. Special dance team, “Estrellitas De Sorto,” meaning “Mr. Sorto’s Little Stars,” a nationally acclaimed dance team made up of 8-year olds from Washington DC, will perform a Salsa dance. Jazz team, “Laissez Foure” will offer music from around Central and South America.