The Reverend Rob Eller Isaacs often says that we must do our spiritual work “within, among and beyond.” Our work begins with our own spiritual practices that help us tune in to the “still small voice” whispered about by sages. Then we must explore the nature and expression of truth among our congregations, as we work beyond the walls of our homes, hearts, and religious community to practice truth and justice in the world. The very foundation of this work rests in or spiritual practices that sharpen our capacity to recognize, discern and expand our truth as we open our hearts and minds to hold multiple truths. To help make cultivating spiritual practices easier, we began creating these wonderful short meditations that worked with the monthly theme the entire congregation was considering. Pull up a comfy chair or rest your body in another space where it is safe to close your eyes and enjoy these short meditations as a part of a comprehensive spiritual practice.

Forgiveness leads to “spiritual liberation” as defined by the Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith. This is why it is a spiritual practice that requires great courage to engage in. This meditation explores courage and forgiveness:

Would you care for a reminder that we are all made of stardust? A universal pep-talk to remind you that we all belong on this 3rd rock from the sun? Enjoy this short meditation on “Belonging”

Are you feeling conflicted and wondering what choice is most in integrity with the person you are seeking to become in this world? Consider this meditation on “Integrity”