I asked a few people about my ministry and here is what they said:

Rev. Katie has been Associate Minister at Cedar Lane Church for the past several years. I am very impressed by her ministry. She can do it all! Her sermons are thoughtful, engaging, and wise. Her ability to blend her Latinx
Heritage with her command of Spanish and English is outstanding. She has helped me navigate the sometimes difficult path of being a POCI leader in a predominantly White congregation. She is a warm and friendly person and works well with everyone. –Ai Ling Louie

“Katie is such a beautiful soul. When I think of a strong female, someone who always does the right thing, someone who always knows the right thing to say or what you need to hear, when I think of an exemplary human being, I think of Katie. It is because of this that I asked her to be the minister of my wedding. She exemplified what I wanted in life as a young woman and a new wife, and I couldn’t have chosen a better person to join my husband and I in marriage.
Katie was thorough in her preparation for our special day, accommodating of what we wanted in the ceremony, and excited to be part of this huge commitment and beginning of our lives together. I cannot say enough good things about her and am so thankful she was part of our special day! Thank you Katie!!” –Pam Abirached

” I have known Katie as a friend & fellow church member since I was in high school, just about to transition to college. Along with my educational transition, I navigated my selfhood with her at my side, coming into my truths. She has been an amazing friend and mentor, someone I could watch growing into her own voice as a Worship Associate (lay leader) on select Sundays. As I transitioned from a local community college to a local university, she was right there with me – this time as a Community Minister. Our paths have gone alongside each other – from career/skill sharing in Public Relations, from a friend to mentor/community minister, and so much more. She is one who helps you become who you really are and waits with you until you see it in yourself. She will be an amazing partner and contribution to any community, group or organization she wants to be part of.” –Allie Carville

“Rev. Katie has been a pillar of ministry from the moment I met her (before she was actually a minister). She is a picture of calm, grace, compassion, and courage. If I had to choose one thing that comes to the forefront about Katie’s ministry it is that Katie will always help you shoulder the load be it joyful or sorrowful. She will show up over and over again for those she loves, and anyone else who needs her support. Katie lives deeply into her calling and her vision of a world made whole. Her ministry is the very essence of radical love.” –Rev. Jo VonRue

“I met Katie as a fellow congregant and thought she was wonderful then, just as a person and fellow mom. As I became a religious educator, I watched her go through seminary, absolutely pouring her heart, mind, and soul into the work. Now that we are both serving congregations in a professional capacity, Katie is an inspiration and anchor. She’s someone I turn to when the work is both heavy and confusing and she is always present in the moment, listening deeply and reflecting before offering her insight. I cannot stress enough how important her ministry is; she does much to urge our faith ever onward toward justice and equity. Not to wax melodramatic here, but our faith tradition is lucky to count her among our clergy, truly.” Jenn Blosser, DRE

“Rev. Katie has a graceful and grounding presence which is like medicine to those around her. Her excellent listening skills and keen observations make us feel validated and fully understood, which has a calming effect on our nervous system. I’ve been grateful for her understanding of how systems of oppression impact the lives, psyches, and souls of people with marginalized identities. Having her as a mentor has been a blessing for me and my ministry. Her compassion and her dedication to ministry are truly a gift to our denomination.” –Religious Professional of Color

“Katie has been a trusted adviser to me for over 12 years now. She has always been a rock to call when I felt things were falling apart. She has supported me through battling my weight, through post-partum depression, through things I didn’t even realize I needed help for. Her diverse approach to all aspects of healing, both clinical and metaphysical, provide a flexible path to finding the best way for you to heal, no matter what the struggle is!!” — Amber Pitt

Chaplain Griffin joined the Parkland Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxilary in 2019 with great success. “Rev Katie” is wholly accepted plus liked by the cadets as our Character Development Officer, an intellectually sharp colleague with officers, and an interesting knowledgeable professional in emergency services. She accomplishes all of these things with compassion and joy.” –Lt. Guilford Queen, Civil Air Patrol

“Katie is one of those people I knew only briefly but will carry forever in my heart. Katie was still in seminary when we met, carrying a load that would have crushed most humans, with seeming ease and grace. It was a difficult time for our congregation and I often felt where I was supposed to be encouraging and uplifting Katie, she was ministering to me. Katie listens to the voice of Spirit and faithfully follows. Her compassion and empathy for all beings is an example I strive to follow. She is always on the side of love.”–Midge Magstadt

” I met Katie when she was an intern at the UU Fellowship of Charlotte County. I was impressed with her confidence, knowledge, and heart. As part of her “intern team”, I watched her grow and support others as she was completing her seminary training. It was such a proud day, and I was thrilled to participate, in her ordination. She now serves at the UU church that I grew up in, starting at age15, in Bethesda Maryland. I am so impressed with what she is doing- love watching her do creative and innovative services at my original home church as well as what she does for social Justice in downtown Washington DC. She is an amazing person and a beautiful minister!! In my church in Tucson, we often use inspirational words she has written!! She is a gift!” –Mary Holly Allison

“I have seen Rev. Katie grow into the amazing minister she has become. We served together as Worship Associates at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers. We met at a Starbucks and planned a service together. It was an awesome service – we decided to use upbeat non-tradition modern music. It was an end of the year and new beginnings service. Shortly after our service, Katie told me she had been “called” and was going to Divinity School. I supported her and cheered her on – each step of her journey. There was no doubt in my mind that she would not only complete her education but would blossom into an amazing minister. She preached several times at UUCFM during her time as an intern minister and I was blown away with how much she developed her pulpit presence – she owned it! I was there at her ordination – what a beautiful celebration. I remember telling her – search for your first church in the DC area – if you want to be in the heart of where social justice happens you have to move to DC. I spent 23 years in Maryland before meeting Katie. I became a UU while living in Maryland before moving to Florida and meeting Katie. Rev. Katie is now a minister with a UU Church in Maryland and she lives very close to where I used to live. As I follow Rev. Katie on social media, I see her ministry in full bloom, just like the cherry blossoms. I watch her live her powerful social justice ministry. Every March down the historic DC streets and monuments, I see photos of Rev. Katie and I feel proud. She is an amazing soul and has found her calling.”– Jennifer Grant, Lay Leader

“I am happy to write this Testimonial for Rev. Katie Romano Griffin; I base my remarks on my experience of having served on her supervisory committee at All Faiths Unitarian Congregation, where she was assigned prior to graduation from the Meadville Lombard School. I was impressed with her commitment and vision and goal achieving energy to fulfill the requirements and deal with the stresses of the process along with her personal life responsibilities. She possesses a passion for ministry….and her commitment is apparent as soon as you meet her. This is grounded in her empathetic understanding of others and belief in the human capacity to make a difference. To quote the old Universalist “Avowal of Faith”, “the power of people of goodwill and sacrificial spirit to overcome all evil and progressively establish the Kingdom of God.” As a person grounded in the history of the “Universalist Church of America” I appreciated her respect for this part of the UUA heritage and heard its values of “Justice, Equality, and Human Rights” articulated in her sermons. I expected great things from Katie and she is well on her way. I am happy and proud to write this Testimonial; for a person, I came to know as a sincere and gifted professional minister.” –Bond Perry, lifelong Universalist, child of a Universalist Minister